Welcome to the first post in our Safety Series! The objective of the safety series is to promote a higher level of ‘bin awareness’; for your safety and also for the safety of our collection teams.

Disposing of waste in the correct manner and in the correct bin is not just a case of bin companies being fussy!

There are genuine health & safety issues involved in the collection & processing of your waste. Disposing of glass in your wheelie bin can be extremely dangerous!

Did you know that our bin trucks compact the waste as they go, so they can collect more waste while out? The compactor will crush any glass that might be in your wheelie bin.

Pieces of glass could be propelled out of the truck when crushed, injuring your bin man or anyone walking by!

Broken glass on the ground in your neighborhood also poses a danger to you, your children and your pets. Injury from broken glass in trucks can also occur during the processing of the waste at the recycling plant.

If our collection teams find that a bin contains glass, the bin will not be emptied.

This is one we came across recently.

Glass Bottles in a Black Bin, Beer Bottles

Unlike other materials, glass can be recycled an infinite amount of times. If you bring your glass to a local bottle bank you will avoid any accidents and it will benefit the environment too.

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