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1 Ton Skip Bag

1 ton skip bag


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4 Cubic Yard

4 cubic yard midi skip hire


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6 Cubic Yard

6 cubic yard standard skip hire


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14 Cubic Yard

Maxi 14 Yard Skip Hire Greyhound


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Man and A Van

2 Men and A Dyna Van


“Really great service ever since I have been with Greyhound. Very good customer care too! Ruth really helped me out today by arranging an additional collection for us”


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Best Value Skips
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a skip permit ?

You don’t need a skip permit if you want to put a skip on a road with no parking restrictions. You need a permit if you want to put a skip on a road with parking restrictions.

Please see:

What time can you deliver my skip at?

Drop off and collection times can be arranged when ordering your skip.We begin our skip deliveries at 7am.

Due to the nature of our business it is difficult for us to give an exact time of delivery, however if you require a skip for a certain time we will do our best to meet your needs.

How long can I keep the skip for?

Our skips are generally hired for three days at a time. If you require the skip for longer than 3 days extra charges may be applicable.

Can you drop and collect in the same day?

We will do our best to accommodate requests like this wherever possible.

Do your prices include VAT?

All prices include VAT unless otherwise stated.

How full can I load the skip?

Please keep all waste level with the sides of the skip. Do not use boards to build up the sides of the skip. Please do not overload.

What is a level load?

A level load is a widely used term in the skip industry. For health & safety reasons any skip driver cannot take a skip that has contents that are above the side of the skip.

To assist with this we include a level load line on each skip. The level load line is detailed below.

Choosing right skip for you - Convenience

Skip hire is also incredibly convenient since it eliminates the need to transport heavy loads of rubbish yourself or pay someone else to do it for you.

All you have to do is fill up your skip with your unwanted items and call a local skip hire company to pick it up when it’s full. This saves you time since you don’t have to worry about making multiple trips back and forth between your home or business premises and the dump site or landfill facility.

What VAT is charged?

VAT is charged at 13.5% on services and 23% on products.

Where does my full skip go?

Greyhound guarantees to recycle as much of your waste as possible. We defer over 90% of waste from landfill.

What can I put in my skip?

  • Household waste – beds, sofas etc.
  • Paper and paper products
  • Mixed recycables
  • Wood
  • Garden waste

What is not accepted in my skip?

  • Asbestos
  • Batteries
  • Oil
  • Harzadous waste – tyres, oils, petrols, paints etc.
  • Pressurised containers
  • Electrical items – Fridges, cookers, TV’s etc.
  • Clinical waste – such as needles, dressings etc
  • Vehicles
  • Florescent lighting
  • Chemical Waste
  • Kitchen and food waste
  • Top Soil/ Rubble (For enquires on this waste type please contact the Commercial Department directly)

What happens if I overload the skip?

An overloaded skip is a hazard. The lorry may struggle to lift the skip, and your overfilled waste can be dangerous to transport.

If your skip is overloaded, the driver may not take the risk to lift it.  You might be asked to remove the extra waste.

We advise all customers that skips should be filled in line with the side of the skip and never built up.

What happens to my waste?

Your waste is brought to a regulated processing facility and the waste is segregated to ensure we achieve the best recycling rates for you.

Through this process, we ensure that waste is not brought to landfill unnecessarily.

How do I book a skip or contact you?

Skips can be bought online through our online booking system or by calling us on 01 4667070.

Choosing right skip for you - Cost-Effectiveness

One of the main advantages of using skips for waste disposal is its long-term cost-effectiveness. Skips are an affordable option for disposing of large amounts of waste quickly and easily.

You can also save money on labor costs since you don’t have to hire someone to load or unload your skip.

Additionally, skips are available in various sizes so you can choose one that best suits your needs and budget.

Skip Hire - Hassle Free Waste Collection from Greyhound

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