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We are the market leader in converting commercial and domestic waste into a renewable fuel.


Waste Audits

Waste Reduction Audits



Environmental, Financial & Weight



Regular up dates on relevant EU & Local legislation


Onsite Training

Equipment training.waste reduction training,and  behaviour training


Onsite Personel

Experienced labour solution to implement and run our innovative programmes


Onsite Vehicles

Custom made on site vehicles for the movement of waste on large sites


Abnormal/oversized load transport


Articulated Bulker Collections

About Greyhound Recycling

We are the fastest growing waste collection company in Dublin and collect waste from over 1,000,000 people. Greyhound has driven Ireland from the bottom of the European recycling table to the top with constant innovation and hard work. We combine our size, experience and technology to ensure that our customers receive the best quality service in waste collection. We provide award winning customer service, convenient customer communications and strong health and safety ethos on a daily basis. Greyhound is and will continue to be at the forefront in waste management and will drive Ireland to a carbon-neutral, sustainable future. Together we can win the race against waste – Buaigh an rás i gcoinne bruscair.

Value, Convenience & Efficiency


“Really great service ever since I have been with Greyhound. Very good customer care too! Ruth really helped me out today by arranging an additional collection for us”

Hassle-Free Waste Collection from Greyhound

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