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The potential for impressive cost savings via sustainable waste management is especially poignant within the property / facilities management sector. Greyhound can develop strategies for you to take full advantage of all that is available.

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Greyhound is a second generation Irish family business servicing more than 165,000 customers throughout Dublin!

Manage Construction Waste More Sustainably

Waste management is an increasing burden in the world of facilities management (FM). Complex compliance and CSR issues as well as rising costs all add to your daily workload. Policies for dealing with waste are becoming much more of a priority as the penalties for non-compliance begin to bite.

We realise that you need to have partners that understand your business and deliver on the needs of your clients. We have an experienced team who understand the needs of property / facilities management providers. We will help with your bidding process and win rate by proposing complete innovative solutions that incorporate provision of waste management services. Being a 2nd generation family business, we understand the sensitivity of your client relationships and have support teams committed to assisting you at every step of the way.

Implement Innovative Solutions with Greyhound

We understand that having a successful environmental programme is driven by the engagement and participation of your staff. We provide bespoke training as well as clear and simple signage to ensure that all employees are aware of and understand what is required of them to ensure maximum recycling rates for the company and the environment.

Our full audit trails give you peace of mind and access to our unique online “Elemos” portal 24/7 completes the picture. You will have the ability to have access to this information through your account log in which allows for spot checks and full peace of mind on your end.


Our Property & Facilities Management Services include:





Regular updates on relevant EU & Local legislation.

Onsite Training

Equipment training, waste reduction training, behaviour training and other training services.

Onsite Personnel

We provide experienced labour solution to implement and run our innovative programmes.

On Site Vehicles

We provide custom made on site vehicles for the movement of waste on large sites.

Oversize load transport


We currently collect 50 plus waste streams including:

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General Waste

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Mixed Dry Recycling

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Paper – All Grades

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Plastics – All Grades

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WEEE, Batteries etc.

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Confidential Shredding

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Destruction of Sensitive Material

Our Mission is to propel Dublin towards a sustainable future

We Recycle in excess of 98% of all material received. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Etiam dignissim urna eget facilisis hendrerit. Curabitur consectetur rutrum scelerisque. Donec gravida odio sed enim dictum eleifend. Maecenas vulputate consectetur enim, id pulvinar arcu.

Recycling Logo


advice by Greyhound

The Right Advice

We will provide a tailored single solution to meet your needs and your budget

account manager

Account Management

We will provide a dedicated account manager to manage the successful delivery of all your waste management needs.

Service Manager Greyhound

Service Management

All orders are allocated a unique tracking number and are prioritised, according to logistical requirements.

On Time Service by Greyhound

On Time Every Time

We track our service response times as a measure of customer performance and our large fleet means we are flexible to cope with changing requirements.

Training by Greyhound

Training & Education

Staff education and engagement is fast becoming one of the biggest challenges faced by employers with particular regard to waste segregation, which is where cost savings and compliance can be lost or won.

Cost Control

Cost Control

We can provide an annual recycling and waste management budget and cost model tailored from your specific requirements and financial objectives.

business operations

Integrated Business Operations

Our fully integrated operating system uses state of the art technology which allows us to track all service requests from inception to completion.

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It’s the hands-on, integrated approach that enables us to reduce your waste,
pinpoint your recycling opportunities and maximise your resources.

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