Update for waste label and bin tag Customers – New Bin Bag Packs

As a valued customer of Greyhound Household we would like to let you know the changes in our Waste Label & Combi-Pack sales that are being driven by the new Dublin City Council bye-laws and the requirement for all residents of Dublin City to have a registered waste management account with an authorised waste management company.

Currently you buy domestic waste labels from Post Offices & Combi-Packs from our Retail Partners around the Dublin City region. Due to your feedback over the last few months and the introduction of the new bye-laws the Combi Packs will be gradually phased out and replaced with our new waste bag packs that are split into two products:

3 Greyhound Branded

Yellow General Waste

Bags per pack


6 Greyhound Branded Clear


Bags per pack



YOU CAN ALSO REGISTER AS A BAG CUSTOMER BY EMAILING bags@greyhound.ie or Call 01 4577777

Please note:

If you only put out one bag per collection then you will only have to buy one burgundy pack once every three weeks and one clear recycling pack once every 12 weeks.

The new packs are being put in place because of the feedback we received from our customers after the launch of the Combi Pack. It became apparent to us from your feedback that Customers did not want to purchase nine bags at one time. You spoke. We listened.

In order to purchase these new packs and comply with the Dublin City bye-laws you will have to register with Greyhound.

Once you have registered you will receive a pack that will contain the following:

  • Payment Card
  • Customer Account Number
  • “What goes in my bags?” leaflet
  • Collection day guidelines
  • A list of authorised retailers

You will not be able to purchase bag packs without registering with Greyhound.

The above is to assist Dublin City Council and Greyhound in tackling the ever increasing illegal dumping practice that has become more prevalent of late within the Dublin City region by adding a higher level of traceability for customers who are genuinely paying for their waste and identifying those households that are not.

Counterfeit Waste Labels

This also combats the attempts by certain parties in Dublin City who are looking to counterfeit the waste labels & tags. We have seen a dramatic increase in the prevalence of counterfeit or fake waste labels in the recent past. We are currently working with the authorities to tackle this problem and would appreciate your cooperation by only buying bags and waste labels from approved Greyhound Household retailers and Post Offices.

Approved Retailers will have the PayZone sign outside their shop and Post Offices are the only other place to buy waste labels and bag packs.

IMPORTANT: If someone approaches you outside of these locations or comes to your house to sell you waste labels then please contact us, in confidence at DCCBAGS@greyhoundrecycling.com and we will ensure that the relevant authorities are informed.

Purchasing Waste & Recycling Bags

Greyhound domestic waste labels will soon be phased out and replaced entirely with Greyhound Household branded refuse bags.

Where to buy Greyhound Household Waste Labels


Labels should only be purchased from approved Post Offices and retail outlets with a PayZone sign. Black bags presented without labels or with counterfeited labels will not be collected by Greyhound and if traceable you could be fined by Dublin City Council for illegal dumping.


An updated list of approved retail outlets can be seen by clicking above.