Waste management challenges for manufacturers are growing rapidly from issues surrounding recycling through to education and engagement of staff. However, where challenges exist so do opportunities and a well-developed strategy with the right partner can yield amazing results and returns. In some cases, manufacturing waste can be turned into a valuable resource but you need expert help and advice to maximise the opportunity.

We understand that speed to market due to seasonal variations is a focus for you, and we align our services to your schedule. Greyhound can also provide solutions to help curb escalating costs. We know that space is often an issue in service yards and that maximising this space is critical, we will ensure that containers are optimised to minimise number and size whilst maximising recycling and segregation.

Our industrial partners are impressed with our health and safety standards when on site. We have extensive experience working with pharmaceutical and manufacturing companies so when potential clients approach us with a problem we have tried and tested solutions for their business. Our manufacturing clients can avail of full traceability on recycling as well as fast and accurate reporting.

Our full audit trails give you peace of mind and access to our unique online “Elemos” portal 24/7 completes the picture. You will have the ability to have access to this information through your account log in which allows for spot checks and full peace of mind on your end.

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Greyhound Commercial Recycling Fact

We Recycle in excess of 98% of all material received

Why choose Greyhound

The Right Advice

We will provide a tailored single solution to meet your needs and your budget

Account Management

We will provide a dedicated account manager to manage the successful delivery of all your waste management needs.

Service Management

All orders are allocated a unique tracking number and are prioritised, according to logistical requirements.

On Time Every Time

We track our service response times as a measure of customer performance and our large fleet means we are flexible to cope with changing requirements.

Integrated Business Operations

Our fully integrated operating system uses state of the art technology which allows us to track all service requests from inception to completion.

Cost Control

We can provide an annual recycling and waste management budget and cost model tailored from your specific requirements and financial objectives.

Training & Education

Staff education and engagement is fast becoming one of the biggest challenges faced by employers with particular regard to waste segregation, which is where cost savings and compliance can be lost or won. Having Greyhound as your waste partner brings the dual benefits of having a partner who understands these challenges and can help you with a solution.

It’s the hands-on, integrated approach that enables us to reduce your waste, pinpoint your recycling opportunities and maximise your resources.

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