Martin Doogan

Drinks industry off the pace on green issues

From high water usage to packaging materials and recycling, the drinks industry has fallen far behind best practice on environmental issues, according to a new report....

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Unspun clothing

Will Tech Solve Fashion’s Waste Problem?

WILL TECH SOLVE FASHION’S WASTE PROBLEM? The fashion industry is notoriously wasteful. These tech solutions could help change that. To keep up with rapidly changing fashion trends, app...

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plastic waste on a coastal line

Plastic wasteland: Where the West sends its rubbish

In Sungai Petani in Malaysia, residents were initially happy when companies once again began using the old industrial sites left behind by electronics companies who had departed for China in...

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Workers dismantle a mattress in a recycling plant in Darmstadt, Germany. Photograph: Thomas Lohnes

The Mattress Landfill Crisis Recycling Nightmare

The mattress landfill crisis: how the race to bring us better beds led to a recycling nightmare As the sleep economy grows, online companies vie to sell us new mattresses, offering 100-da...

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