Tips to reduce black bin waste and make a difference.

We wanted to share some practical tips to help make a difference to the planet and your wallet.

Black bin waste

This is the last step in the waste cycle and it’s something we want to reduce. It’s everyone’s job to make sure the items going into your black bin cannot be reused, recycled or composted.

We created some top tips for reducing your black bin waste below. You’ll notice that most of these are food related. Food waste is a bigger problem than you think. A lot of resources are spent getting food onto your plate and almost 50% of all food produced is thrown away.

Here are some ideas which everyone can take part in to reduce black bin waste:

  • Only buy fresh food you will eat before it’s out of date
  • If you’re regularly throwing out cooked food, try to cook smaller portions
  • Save leftover dinners for lunch the next day
  • Compost old foods and garden waste to make a super soil enricher for plants
  • Before you go shopping for food, it can help to prepare meal plans
  • Take a look in your cupboards for older tinned foods & frozen foods to help plan your meals
  • Let’s not forget, by reducing food waste you’re also saving money
  • Instead of throwing away usable items in your black bin, advertise it for free on /
  • Donate clothes to charity rather than throw them in the bin
  • Nappies can take up a lot of space in your bin. If you want to consider a cloth nappy, the guys at have some free trials available. From a quick ask in our office, they’re actually pretty easy to use and reliable.

Top tip

You can check your black bin weight each time it’s emptied, by logging into your account or downloading our app. Every time you lower your bin weight, you’re playing a massive part in being kinder to this planet.

The guys at are on a mission to reduce food waste. They wrote a really good blog on with tips on reducing food waste which you can read here