A wise man once said ‘with great power comes great responsibility’. This is especially true when it comes to protecting our environment by reducing our waste.

Did you know that one load of food from your kitchen caddy has a lot of power in it?

If you can use the brown bin rather than using your black bin there will be a huge benefit to the environment. Brown bins waste can be used to produce compost on a huge scale which can then even be used to generate electricity.

1 full kitchen caddy can:

  • Generate enough electricity to boil your kettle 3 times
  • Generate enough electricity to run your shower for 2.5 mins
  • Generate the electricity to make 8 slices of toast
  • Generate enough electricity to run a fridge for 18 hrs

To show just how much power is in your food waste check out this video from RecycleNow which shows how much electricity can be produced from one truck load of food waste.

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