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What Goes in the General Waste Bin

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What Goes in the General Waste Bin

At Greyhound Recycling we are passionate about recycling. By all working together we can divert as much waste from landfill as possible. By using all three bins, you can save the environment and reduce your waste charges.

Your general waste or black bin is for waste that you cannot put into your recycling (green bin) or organic (brown bin).

Black bin Do's

Top Tips:

Using all of your bins to their full potential will decrease the amount of waste going to your general waste bin.  This will reduce waste to landfill, as well as the impact your waste has on the environment.

What Can’t Go in Your General Waste Bin:

What can't go in my black bin

  • Medical waste
  • Paint cans, motor oil, wax or petroleum
  • Rocks, bricks, gravel and builders rubble
  • Electrical goods – please recycle through WEEE
  • Hazardous waste eg Needles, medicines or wound dressings
  • Batteries
  • Aerosols

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