Disposing of any medication; prescription or otherwise, in your wheelie bins is really not a good idea.

All medicines pose a serious risk of harm if accidentally ingested. Loose blister packs of tablets could fall out of your bin and be picked up by a child thinking they are sweets, eaten by someones pet or even the local wildlife!

All pharmacies provide a disposal service for unused medication so there is no need to put anything like this into your bin. We would advise you to keep everything in a little bag or box until your next visit to your local pharmacy. They will be happy to dispose of it safely for you.

We should probably also mention that flushing medication down your sink or loo is not really advisable either due to the risk of harm to aquatic / wildlife that certain medicines may pose.

Better safe than sorry, we say!

Below is an example of a contaminated green bin that one of our collection crews came across recently!

Greyhound are committed to educating customers on how to segregate and dispose of various types of waste safely. If you have a question on a specific type of waste and how it should be disposed of please get in touch with us.

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Green Bin Contaminated with medication