We are now in Week 2 of Dublin’s Recycling Champion 2015 competition and it has come as a surprise to some of our contestants as to how easy recycling actually is!

I never used to give it a second thought! I am definitely more conscious of what I am putting into my bins now, whereas before, all I put in my green bin was paper!”.

Recycling Champion Contestant

The aim of this competition is to increase awareness and highlight the benefits of recycling and to educate households as to exactly how they can develop positive recycling habits.

“We are an Irish family business that has been around for two generations and I truly believe that the key to our longevity is listening to our customers”, explains Greyhound Household Owner; Michael Buckley. “Times are changing and recycling is more important than ever. We want to make recycling easier for our customers and develop a sense of community around the whole concept. Through social media our customers now have a platform to engage and to share their great recycling tips and ideas with us and with each other!”

Well done to all of our contestants, who are rapidly shedding their black bin weight! Let’s all have a great Week 2 and we will check in with you all soon!

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