Your kitchen is bursting with recyclables.

We all use cooking and cleaning products on a daily basis and our kitchens are packed full of stuff that can be recycled after we’ve finished with it. The great news is, most people are doing just that, but there’s always room to recycle more.

We’ve drawn up a handy list of the top 10 items that can (and should) be recycled from the kitchen.

The top 10 list of kitchen recyclables

Washing Liquid bottles

Fabric softener bottles

Laundry Detergent bottles/boxes

Cardboard boxes e.g. cereal or meal kits

Kitchen roll/paper towel tubes

Kitchen cleaner and bleach bottles

Hand soap bottles (but remember you can’t recycle the pump dispenser)

Fizzy Drink bottles

Yogurt pots

Tetra pak eg milk/juice cartons

Top tips:

Squash your bottles.

Flatten your boxes.

Reuse pump dispensers were possible.

Have separate bins for all waste types. This also makes recycling super easy.


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