Did you know, that it can take anywhere between four hundred and one thousand years for a plastic bag to fully degrade in landfill?

That means that the first plastic bag ever used is probably still present, as they were only introduced in the 1930’s!

Tesco Ireland have come up with a new initiative that will allow them to completely phase out single use bags in favour of reusable ones.

Ireland set the trend when the plastic bag levy was implemented, back in 2007. Our overall usage of these bags reduce from 328 bags per house per year, to just 14 bags per house per year, on average.

However, we know how easy it is to forget to bring bags with you when you’re heading out to the shops. We think that this initiative from Tesco will make a huge difference.

It will help greatly in reducing the number of plastic bags going into black bins and landfill. It will also keep the whole concept of ‘Reducing, Reusing and Recycling’ front of mind, which is especially important with the implementation of Pay by Weight pricing this July.

Our little tip is to always keep a ‘bag for life’ folded up and tucked away in your pocket, car or handbag. Better looking at it than for it, we say!

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