Lets All Get in Shape for Pay by Weight!

The contestants for this years Recycling Champion Contest have been announced!

We have been in touch with households around the city to inform them that they are representing their area in this years Dublin’s Recycling Champion contest.

There was thousands of applications for our annual Dublin’s Recycling Champion challenge, as households around the city shape up for the new Pay by Weight legislation on July 1.

We would like to thank everyone who nominated their household to take part. The households representing their local area will compete to see who can move the most material from their black waste bin into their green recycling and brown composting bins. In addition to the prizes on offer, households who adopt effective segregation techniques will save on the cost of their waste collection throughout the year. We would encourage everyone to take part and they too may find a saving through waste segregation.

The competition will begin on June 13th and run for one month. We will have the contestants bin weights for the previous two months on record and will use this as the starting weights.

After this the two top recyclers will have their bins monitored for a further two weeks and then the overall winner will be presented with €1,000!!

Best of luck to all involved and stay tuned to our social sites for more updates!

For more info on ‘What Goes in your Bin?’ see our handy infographic below.

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