To stop wasting food you first need to become aware of what and how much you throw out. Being aware of this is the first step to reducing the food, and money you waste.

Greyhound offer all bin customers a handy online account that shows every kilo that is disposed of for each bin to help you track your usage. You can log into your account with your account number and pin in the top right corner of the site.

When you’re shopping you can reduce waste and save money by:

• Buying less food
• Planning meals ahead of time

According to these are the top foods we waste.
Pay By Weight, Reduce Food Waste

Some top tips to avoid food waste:

Meal planning – if you know what you want for lunch & dinner and by planning ahead you can avoid buying unnecessary food that may go to waste.

Check what you have before going to the shop – avoid duplication.

Make a shopping list! – stick to the list, by buying goods that are not on the list you will end up spending more and buying food you didn’t really need.

Head to the grocery store – stay away from the specials! You more than likey don’t need them. Reatil stores use ends and promo stands to grab your attention and drive up your spend.

Check your waste – by doing this you will know what gets used and can avoid buying these items going forward.