Emails and letters are in the process of reaching all of our customers informing them of what is happening now that pay by weight is no longer mandatory. Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions:

How do I make the choice?

Making the choice is easy, Call us on 1890 98 99 98 or 01 4612827, Email us Renewals@greyhound.ie or return the slip on the bottom of your letter.

What happens to the unused portion of my credit?

Please note the unused portion of your service charge will be credited to your account on August 1st 2016. Any credit on your account can be used towards your new service charge which will be applied on August 1st. Your account will then be renewed for a new 12-month service.

Why do I have to make a choice?

Since the start of June we have communicated with our customer’s numerous times about pay by weight. Our last communication informed customers of their new pay by weight plan and we need to correct that –informing customers on their option of a price freeze, asking them their charging preference and advising them on how to make the choice.

Many customers were happy to transfer to pay by weight and they have the option to stay on this plan if they so wish whilst others who preferred their current charging plan now have the choice to remain on this plan until the end of July 2017.

Why do I have to pay anything now – my account was not up for renewal until later in the year?

In order to accommodate freezing prices for the next 12 months from August 1st 2016 we are resetting our accounts to deal with this change from a contractual perspective. As we are giving a months’ notice for customers to make this choice we are in effect freezing prices for 13 months.

I pay monthly – why am I being asked to pay a month in advance?

Unlike all of our competitors who offer a monthly charge Greyhound does not insist on our customers setting up a direct debit. This allows our customers flexibility on their payments but we need to ensure customers call us when they are leaving a property or cancelling an account. The advanced payment will be returned when the account is closed and Greyhound’s bins are retrieved.

What is Greyhound’s Pay by Weight Pricing Structure?

Pay by Weight Price Plan

On Pay by Weight, will I have to pay the new weekly service charge if my bin is not put out?

Yes. The service charge is applicable no matter how many times your bins are put out for collection. This charge will be automatically applied to your account every week, unless an alternative payment frequency and method (annual / bi-annual) has been arranged. You then pay for the lifts (which are calculated by weight) only when your bins are out for collection.

How is my waste weighed?

Each of our bins are fitted with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) microchips, which enables us to uniquely identify your bin and link it to your account. Our fleet of vehicles are fitted with specific technology which has the ability to identify and weigh your bin and assign a weight lift to your account. We have used this technology for many years and the system is approved by the National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI).

How do I know how much waste I am producing?

If you want to monitor your bin usage you can log into your online account using your Greyhound account number & Pin.

How do I keep my waste collection bill as low as possible?

Segregate waste, use all 3 bins correctly and recycle as much as you can to keep your bill as low as possible. Track your bin usage by registering for an online account if you don’t already have one.
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