Irish people recycled 15 million electrical items last year.

The new annual report from WEEE Ireland shows a 15{274956ee188766cffa9fd13544fc92af19ef135eba77b9fbaa514036943a2328} increase in electrical appliances recycled.
The body said that Irish people are the best in Europe when it comes to electrical recycling.
Under the WEEE scheme, consumers can recycle electrical goods by returning them to the store where they were bought.

Leo Donovan, CEO of WEEE Ireland, said that the figures are impressive.

“We did about a quarter of a million televisions and monitors, about nine million small appliances, which would include things like toasters, microwaves, hairdryers – anything with a battery or a plug,” he said.

“And in addition to all of that, we’ve done over 600,000 large household appliances, including 90,000 fridge freezers.”

Large pile of electrical items waiting to be recycled

Last year, Irish retailers collected 15,706 tonnes of waste electrical and electronic equipment, accounting for over half the amount of this waste collected.
This increase – from 12,370 tonnes in 2014 – means that WEEE Ireland has the highest percentage of take-back from retailers than any other country in the EU, the company stated.

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