Composting at home is great for the environment and simpler than you think. To kick start the growing season, we wanted to reconnect Dubliners with the great compost our customers help us to make. This year we have partnered with Jimi Blake, from Hunting Brook Gardens. Jimi’s a big fan of our compost. He uses it to grow exotic plants, big and small, from his gardens in Blessington.

Did you know that the brown bin material we collect, from nearly 1 million homes and businesses, creates a rich, peat-free compost for gardens and farms?

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be launching a series of videos to help educate us all on the value of good quality compost.

Whether you compost at home or through your brown bin, just know that composting food waste is a major positive for the environment.

And remember to never put plastic bags in the brown bin.

For more info on what goes into your brown bin, click here.