Brown Bin: Do’s & Don’ts

What Goes in The Brown Bin?What goes in my brown bin

Raw or cooked food;

Meat, poultry & fish, including bones;

Leftover food from your plate & dishes;

Fruit & vegetables;

Tea bags, coffee grinds & paper filters;

Breads, cakes & biscuits;

Rice, pasta & cereals;

Dairy products (cheese, butter, yoghurt);

Soups & sauces;

Eggs, egg shells & cardboard egg boxes;

Food soiled paper napkins, paper towels & pizza boxes;

Newspaper (when used for wrapping food waste);

Out of date food with packaging removed (no glass/plastic);

Grass clippings and small twigs;

Compostable plastic certified to En13432 is acceptable.

What Doesn’t Go in The Brown Bin?

Brown Bin what not to put it in your bin

Plastic bags/bottles

No petrochemical plastic




Metal cans/wire


Ashes, coal or cinders

Pet faeces or litter

Cooking oils
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