What happens to the organics in your brown bin

Your brown bin will typically go to an industrial composting facility to create rich organic compost for farms and gardens.

Each year we collect thousands of tonnes of organic waste from brown bins in Dublin. The waste is taken to a composting facility where it’s heated up to remove harmful bacteria, a natural process then turns all the waste into one of the most nutritious and peat-free composts on the market.

The rich organics in our compost help to:

  • Renourish heavily farmed soils
  • Reduces the need for synthetic fertilisers
  • Improves growing yields and many more fantastic things

Composting with Greyhound is a great thing to do for the environment and saves many thousands of tonnes of waste from going to incineration – a major part of the circular economy.

How you can help?

Please don’t put plastics in the compost bin. Plastic bags and other non-compostable items damage a natural process and force compostable waste into other less environmentally friendly waste streams.

Brown bin collection process infographic

Are you with us?