The world’s greatest rubbish app

Would you like to commit to doing more for the environment in 2023? Then our app is the one for you.

If your home is thinking about recycling more, composting more, and sending less waste away in the black bin each fortnight – then keep scrolling!

Our data science team work hard in the background to offer our customers visual and easy-to-navigate insights on their household’s waste, supported by …you guessed it – high-quality data!

We use these insights to detail how much waste your household has used each time we lift your bins. This information is in real-time and is great for helping your home to commit to doing more for the environment in 2023.

Set your home a target of recycling or composting 20% more this year, segregate more and send less waste away in the black bin – all of these things really help the environment and with our app you can easily see how your homes bin usage compares week to week, month to month, year to year.

Greyhound App Screenshot

We’ve put in lots of other useful features into our app that will make your life, with Greyhound Household, that little bit easier.

Once you turn push notifications ‘on’ – our app tells you:

  • When to put the bins out
  • What’s in your account
  • It shows you how you can save
  • It will also let you change your plan if there’s one that suits you more
  • You can even go back in time and check how much you’ve paid
  • See how much each lift weighed and even …
  • order new bins if yours is broken.

All in one place.

When you’re with Greyhound, we do more to make your waste less wasteful.

Are you with us?

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