This year at the Guaranteed Irish business awards, Greyhound Recycling took home an award and was shortlisted in 3 categories: 

  • Professional services  
  • E-commerce  
  • Ones to watch  

The event took place at the Shelbourne Hotel on 14th March and featured some of the best Irish brands in the business both indigenous and multinational, across various sectors and categories.  

At the event, we were delighted to win our category for E-Commerce. This E-Commerce award focussed on our Skip hire business.  

With just a few people in this part of our business, we try very hard to drive better performance year on year and make ourselves more reliable for our customers. This can be tough to achieve with Dublin traffic but it is up to our team to work smarter under these constraints.  

To start on the journey of better performance, in 2021 our IT team looked at the average life cycle of an individual skip. They tracked the skip from the time it was bought, sent to a customer, collected, tipped, and made available to be bought again.  

During each of these handoffs, our team set themselves a target of maximising the resource. 

An example of this is the communication system our team built to inform a customer we are coming to collect or deliver. This system integrates with Google traffic and sends the customer a text to give an accurate time of delivery/collection. The system also acts as a reminder for the customer to move vehicles and create the space needed for our truck to manoeuvre a skip into. This helps us to be quicker when collecting and dropping off.  

Armed with better data on how an average skip performs, our small team began coding every skip in our business. We then built an app for our drivers to scan individual skips. All of the data that was created supports an in-house system that gets more skips out on the road to customers faster with fewer delays, better communication, and ultimately happier customers.   

So next time you order a skip from Greyhound, you can rest assured that there is now an award-winning service designed to make your experience with us, a good one.  

Greyhound Recycling is proud to be Guaranteed Irish.

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