Dublin, we have a problem. Street litter is bad and it’s getting worse.

We’ve all seen seagulls ripping open bags left on streets. Seagulls are only part of the problem. Bags don’t do us any favours when their contents ends up covering the cobblestones and street ways in our Fair City.

Narrow access points and smaller homes, mean that homes in the city centre have been using rubbish bags instead of bins for a long time. Next year, this is changing. Homes won’t be allowed to use bags anymore, and our solution is bins.

We’ve produced smaller, stackable 45L caddie bins to fit into homes. So in addition to our 140L and 240L options we now have some great options to move Dublin city away from bags and onto cleaner, cheaper and better bins.

Here are 5 reasons we think you should care about switching from bags to bins:

Better for your pocket: The average Dublin city centre house produces 25kg-40kg of general waste per month. That’s more than six bags a month, which at €3.65 per bag, could be €18pm, or more for general waste alone.

By signing up for our basic plan at €18.99, new customers can secure a 240l black bin – plus a green and brown bin – to manage all their monthly waste.

Better for our health: Ripped bags and exposed waste are not only an eyesore, it smells rotten, the rats go mad for it and it and it’s not nice to see lying about the place.

More convenient and reliable: Have you ever run out of bags and had to leg it to the garage to buy them before the collection? Save yourself the hassle. Our reliable and friendly crew collect your rubbish come rain, wind or more rain. Our app is deadly too. SMS reminders, accurate weight reports, you can even tell us on the app if your bin is broken and we’ll come out and fix it, zero hassle. Need proof? Check our award-winning customer reviews here.

Protect our tourist industry: According to Fáilte Ireland, more tourists are reporting Dublin city centre as being ‘manky’. Let’s tackle our litter problem head on and create a reality that lines up with our global reputation.

Better for the environment: When you sign up for bin collections you get more than a black bin, you get a waste management system that reduces your impact on the environment. Yeo!

We offer a FREE Green and Brown bin with all our plans, so recycle and compost to your hearts content. The more you put back into the system the better you’ll feel.


Bags left out on the streets are not working anymore. Have you seen the size of some of the seagulls now? And just in general, the state of the place lads. It’s rotten.

Let’s move over to cleaner, greener, cheaper bins. Greyhound Recycling will sort the rest.

Are you with us?