The season of Christmas comes with loads of gift wrapping, masses of cards, plenty of decorations, and a few trees. So many good things that, for most of us, will inevitably end up in the bin.

To help our environment during this busy period we’ve created some tips to demonstrate how we can reduce, reuse and recycle our way through this festive season, helping the environment and your pocket.

  1. Recycling and reducing Christmas wrapping paper waste

Wrapping your gifts is a big one for us all! Don’t let the environment stop you. Try and use what we already have at home.

Turn an Amazon box inside out and decorate it, rather than using single-use packaging.

You can reuse paper bags from last week’s shopping and transform them into gift packaging. You can even use gift labels and wrapping paper to make Christmas decorations like ornaments or garlands.

Bonus advice: reuse gift cards received in previous years to make gift labels. Be creative!

  1. Send digital cards to friends and family

The digital era is coming… Even Santa uses the internet these days! Digital gifts and vouchers save time, money and the environment.

So why not do the same with Christmas cards? Send one to all your friend and your family, they will be digitally happy about this eco-friendly card!

  1. Recycle your Christmas Tree

The smell of a real Christmas tree makes us so happy for many weeks, but what to do with it when we want to get rid? Well, recycle it!

Check the council website or Dublin Zoo’s. They usually offer a Christmas tree recycling service. In Dublin, there is a service with two options: bring your Christmas tree to one of the drop-off points or have it picked up at home. Google your local spot.

  1. Consider renting Christmas decorations this year

If you don’t want to buy a tree or decoration, there is another option a little eco-friendlier: Christmas decoration and tree rental.

Although this option has a cost, it is still very affordable with real decoration and potted fir trees that you just have to water according to the instructions given.

  1. Create natural decorations

Do you want an original and creative Christmas? So, create your own Christmas decorations.

To do this, look for twigs in your garden to make Christmas stars or other decorations for windows or trees. Also, use ice sticks or aluminium cake moulds.

Finally, for your wall wreath or for your door, also use twigs, pinecones, or branches from your Christmas tree.

With these tips, you will certainly be able to reduce and recycle the waste that can drag the environment down post-Christmas. And what’s more, we are sure that your Christmas will be the most beautiful of all, that’s for sure!

Bonus Tip: watch our tutorial on How To Decorate My Christmas Tree Naturally