The team at Greyhound Commercial have launched a waste segregation course to help customers reduce waste & cut costs.

We recently carried out a construction waste segregation course with staff members from Alandale Logistics. Alandale are currently working on a new build project for International construction & consultancy company Mace.

The objective of the course was to educate and inform the users of the waste areas as well as the guys that monitor the area on the need to carry out proper segregation of waste.

The benefits of this are higher recycling and recovery rates which results in a more cost effective service for the customer.

Paul Boyle, Project Manager from Alandale said;

Since the training provided Alandale have seen a direct positive correlation between the way our Operatives now carry out waste segregation and our percentage recycling scores which have increased dramatically. My thanks to Naill and his team for their professional and positive input.

Staff of Alandale Logistics having just received their Certificates of Completion

Niall Morrissey, Greyhound Commercial General Manager pictured with staff of Alandale Logistics having just received their Certificates of Completion.
Left to right: Conor McFarland, Ciprian Civrca, Niall Morrissey, Anthony Devlin, Alan Thomas