Lyons Tea has become the first major Irish black tea brand to introduce a completely plant-based and biodegradable range of teabags. Hard to beat a good cuppa.

Made from a plant material derived from cornstarch the new tea bags can go straight in the compost bin – as opposed to those from competitors which end up in the black bin. Better for the environment and for your waste bill.

According to an independent study carried out by iReach Insights, 32% of the 1,000 Irish adults surveyed said that they’d be more likely to opt for teabags that are environmentally friendly. So far Lyons has produced over 1 billion biodegradable plant-based teabags which have cut down on 50 tonnes of plastic – the equivalent of 10 million standard-sized plastic bags. A lot of figures to work through there, but basically Lyons have enough biodegradable teabags to keep even Irish tea drinkers in business.

Lyons Tea Biodegradable Teabags

Also cutting down on the amount of packaging used in their products, the brand has vowed to completely remove the plastic overwrap that usually comes on boxes by summer 2021. Speaking of the new eco-friendly teabags, Gill Irvine, Marketing Director at Lyons Tea commented:

“We know we have a responsibility to align with what our retailers and shoppers want, become a more environmentally friendly brand and our new plant-based product is a testament to that.”

Reason enough to shtick the kettle on. Ah go on, go on, go on…