Although Obeo’s 25{274956ee188766cffa9fd13544fc92af19ef135eba77b9fbaa514036943a2328} discount for August has just ended, they are still offering our customers a sneaky 10{274956ee188766cffa9fd13544fc92af19ef135eba77b9fbaa514036943a2328} discount from now until the end of October!

This is a seriously handy way to sort out your food waste! Get some now!

To avail of your sneaky 10{274956ee188766cffa9fd13544fc92af19ef135eba77b9fbaa514036943a2328} off, simply click the link below and enter the code ‘greyhound16’ when you’re checking out!

sneaky discount
Obeo - counter top solution

Obeo is the all-in-one counter top solution to food waste recycling. So there’s no need for a kitchen caddy and no more bin cleaning required.

Obeo is strong and water resistant so it can handle wet food waste. It doesn’t leak or tear like bio-plastic liners can. So it beats smells, mess and bin juice.

Obeo is 100{274956ee188766cffa9fd13544fc92af19ef135eba77b9fbaa514036943a2328} compostable and made from FSC certified materials. Every pack of Obeo diverts up to 10kg of food waste from landfill. It can also save you money on bin charges so it’s a win win for you and the environment.

For more information on Obeo visit their website now!

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