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Skip Hire FAQ’s

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How full can I load the skip?

Please keep all waste level with the sides of the skip. Do not use boards to build up the sides of the skip. Please do not overload.

What is a level load?

A level load is a widely used term in the skip industry. For health & safety reasons any skip driver cannot take a skip that has contents that are above the side of the skip. To assist with this we include a level load line on each skip. The level load line is detailed below.

Skip level loads

What happens if I overload the skip?

An overloaded skip is a hazard. If your skip is overloaded, the driver reserves the right to refuse to lift the skip or advise of an extra charge. However, it is always an option for you to remove the extra waste prior to skip removal. Meaning that the skip must be brought back down to a level load.

What can I put in the skip?

Household waste – beds, sofas etc.
Paper and paper products
Mixed recyclables
Garden waste

Please Note: When ordering a skip please ensure that you give us as much information as possible about what sort of waste is going into the skip as this may affect the price.

What can’t go in the skip?

Hazardous waste – tyres, oils, petrol, paints etc.
Pressurised containers
Electrical items – Fridges, cookers, TV’s etc.
Clinical waste – such as needles, dressings etc
Fluorescent lighting
Chemical Waste
Kitchen and food waste
Top Soil/ Rubble

Who is responsible for the skip waste?

You are legally responsible for the contents of the skip you hire. You need to ensure that the waste disposed of in the skip is suitable for general disposal and that the skip is not overloaded.

How long is the hire period of the skip?

If you require a skip for longer/shorter period of time please advise when booking, and we will always try our very best to accommodate you. Our general household hire period is 3 days.

What happens to my waste?

Your waste is brought to a regulated processing facility and the waste is segregated to ensure we achieve the best recycling rates for you. Through this process, we ensure that waste is not brought to landfill unnecessarily.

How do I book a skip or contact you?

Skips can be bought online through our online booking system or by calling us on 01 4667008.

How can I pay for the skip?

Debit/Credit Card over the phone or securely via our website.

By topping up your Greyhound account and discussing with our skip sales team.

Please Note: All payments must be made either on or prior to delivery.

Where can I place the skip?

Most customers prefer to have their skips placed in their driveways, however, if you like we can also drop on the road or on a grass verge.

If dropping in your driveway you must have 9 1/2 ft clearance for our truck to enter. If you do not have this clearance, unfortunately, we are unable to drop skips over walls.

If you are living in a Permit Parking Area and are unable to fit your skip into your driveway, you must contact your local council to have a skip permit organised. We advise you of this prior to checkout online.

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