Staff at Greyhound swapped the headsets for runners last month when we took on the Run-a-Muck challenge in support of the Marie Keating Foundation.

10 employees fundraised at work and at home to raise much needed cash for the charity.

After weeks of training, the big day arrived and it was time to put all of the hard work into practice.

A great day was had by participants and onlookers alike, despite the weather!

An impressive sum of €1,200 was raised, which was then matched by the company, meaning that Greyhound employees were able to donate a final sum of €2,400 to the Marie Keating Foundation!

Thank you to everybody that donated and supported this wonderful cause!


A Word from Ronan Keating (Excerpt from Marie Keating Foundation 2014 Annual Report)

It was in 1996 when I got the phonecall that everyone
dreads, to say that my mam had cancer. I remember
feeling shocked, scared, angry and confused. It was one
of the worst phone calls I have ever received. To hear
your mam has ‘The Big C’ was just unbelievable. You
never think it’s going to happen to your family. When
we heard a year after Mam’s death that it could have
been avoided just added to the grief. If Mam had been
aware of her symptoms or if she had followed up with
her doctor, she would probably be alive today. Following
Mam’s death the one thing my family and I knew for
sure was that we had to try to do something to prevent
other families going through the pointless devastation
that we did.

It is clear today as I write this letter that what the Marie
Keating Foundation is achieving is positive and real.
By the end of 2014, our team of dedicated nurses have
reached over 180,000 men and women nationwide,
taking the message directly into the community about
the need to be aware of your health and the simple,
actionable steps we can all take to reduce our cancer
risk. Our nurses are also a reassuring presence in
the community, bringing to life our mission of making
cancer less frightening by enlightening. Every day our
nurses are talking to people about how important it is
to go to their GP’s and have any lumps, bumps, aches
or pains that they may have checked out. They may be
nothing but isn’t it better to be given that peace of mind,
or to get an early diagnosis as soon as possible?

What the amazing and dedicated team at the
Foundation achieve would not be possible without the
support of our countless supporters and volunteers.
Marks & Spencer Ireland has been with us almost from
the beginning and this year has been another amazing
year where together, we have accomplished so much.
Thanks to all the M&S staff and customers for your time,
donations and support- we really appreciate everything
you do!

We are already looking forward to 2015 and, as patron,
I am proud to say that the Foundation is gearing up to
reach more people than ever before with its life saving
message about cancer prevention and early detection. If
you haven’t already had the opportunity to get on board
one of our mobile information units, read the advice
on our website or picked up one of our leaflets, please
make this the year to do it. If you have never taken part
in one of our walks or runs, if you have not attended one
of our fundraising events or given spare change to one
of our coin collection boxes around the country, please
make this the year that you change that. We can’t beat
cancer without your help.

Ronan Keating
Marie Keating Foundation Patron