Greyhound Household has joined forces with the Peter McVerry Trust in a campaign to help Dublin’s homeless.

Greyhound estimates that there are more than 20,000 of the company’s bins in circulation which are not being used for waste disposal. Householders in the Dublin area who send back bins not in use, will be given an opportunity to support the Peter McVerry Trust and help Dublin’s homeless. For every bin returned, €5 will be donated to the charity. All the householder has to do is call Greyhound and they will arrange collection.

Greyhound Household owner Michael Buckley said

Greyhound were involved in an incident last year where a homeless man sleeping in a bin almost lost his life. It brought home to us the increasing problem of homelessness in the city. We have been looking for a way to make a contribution. We are delighted that the Peter McVerry Trust, which is at the forefront of the battle against homelessness has joined us for this campaign.

The Peter McVerry Trust is a charity set up by Fr Peter McVerry to reduce homelessness and the harm caused by drug misuse and social disadvantage. In 1980 Peter moved to Ballymun and by the end of 1983 he had founded the Arrupe Society, a charity to tackle homelessness. This charity, subsequently renamed as the Peter McVerry Trust, has progressed from a three bedroom flat in Ballymun to eleven homeless hostels, over 100 apartments, a residential drug detox center and two drug stabilization services. His vision for PMVT is to support all those living on the margins and to uphold their rights to full inclusion in society. In 2013 the charity worked with almost 3,600 vulnerable youths.

Pat Doyle, CEO of the Peter McVerry Trust said
‘We’d like to thank Greyhound Household for choosing to support our work with Dublin’s homeless. This campaign can help make a very valuable contribution to our work to support over 350 people on a daily basis.’