A pet tortoise is being treated by a specialist in Bray after being discovered in a bin by Greyhound staff in Dublin.

The tortoise, named Timmy by Greyhound staff, was found as a bin collection truck emptied its contents at the depot for recycling. It is unclear how Timmy got into the bin in the first place.

Timmy who had damage to his shell, was immediately dispatched to the DSPCA. They, in turn, have sent Timmy to a hard shell specialist in Bray for treatment.

A spokesperson for the DSPCA said it was the first time an incident like this had occurred with a tortoise. Last year, Greyhound staff found a kitten, which had been among rubbish compacted at the company’s recycling plant. The kitten survived and was adopted by a member of Greyhound staff.

It is unsettling to think that peoples pets may inadvertently end up in our bins and an absolute miracle that they would survive an ordeal like this. Please be mindful when you are disposing of your waste. Always double check what you’re dumping. Keep bags sealed and bins closed and remember to keep recyclables loose, clean and dry. It’s more likely that you will spot something that’s out of place if you follow these guidelines.



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