Some people only see the negatives when it comes to the Brown bin. (It’s dirty & smelly! There are flies, bugs & creepy crawlies!)

Here at Greyhound Household we are always advising customers of the benefits of Brown bins!

It Saves Money:

• It will make you become more aware of the food you buy & waste.

• The average family wastes €50 per month on discarded food. That’s €600 per year!

• See for tips to reduce food waste.

• Most importantly the brown bin is cheaper to use than your black bin.

It’s Better for the Environment:

• When food waste is sent to landfill it produces harmful greenhouse gases that are very bad for the environment. We send your brown bin waste to a specialist treatment facility and it is turned into high quality compost. This in turn helps make plants thrive and has a positive rather than negative impact on the environment.

• According to the latest figures from the EPA, Ireland now recycles 300,000 tonnes of Brown bin waste annually. An increase of 11{274956ee188766cffa9fd13544fc92af19ef135eba77b9fbaa514036943a2328} from 2013.

Recycling Food Waste is the Law!

• Failure to use the brown bin may result in a fine being issued to you by your local authority.

For more on what goes in the Brown bin check out our infographic or go to