The choices we make while we shop can have a dramatic effect on the amount of waste we produce.

Over 70 percent of waste we produce at home comes from packaging waste.

Pay by Weight, Tips & Tricks

With the intoduction of Pay by Weight these tips will prove to be very useful in cutting costs.
Below are some tips that you can follow to reduce your waste production at home:

• Write a shopping list to make sure you don’t come home from the store with more than you need.
• Don’t be caught out by the 3 for 2 special offers! Do you need them? Will they be wasted?
• Take your reusable shopping bags with you to the shops every trip.
• Buy your fresh produce loose to avoid all the bulky packaging.
• Weigh your vegetables individually and then put them all into one bag with the stickers on the outside.
• Buy your meat/fish/chicken from the meat counter instead of off-the-shelf.
• Increase the life of food by using your freezer.
• Buy in bulk where possible, it’s cheaper and uses less packaging.
• When buying detergents, always buy products that supply refills.
• Buy concentrated products that use less packaging e.g. bottle of fabric softener, diluted orange rather than cartons.
• Use refillable and rechargeable products when possible e.g. a rechargeable batteries and cameras.
• Choose products in packaging that you know can be recycled.
• Buy a vacuum cleaner with reusable bags.
• Will the electrical/furniture store dispose of the bulky packing for you after you’ve bought a large item?

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