Pay by Weight FAQ: Below are the answers to some of our ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ on the new ‘Pay by Weight’ Legislation.

When will the change to ‘Pay by Weight’ happen?

All domestic waste collection companies will be implementing the new Pay by Weight system by the 1st July 2016 in accordance with the new Government Legislation.

Why the move to ‘Pay by Weight’?

Minister Alan Kelly implemented the “Waste Management Collection Permit Amendment” which comes into effect on the 1st of July which requires every household in the country to register with a permitted waste collection provider. The aim is to try to improve use of Brown & Green bins.

Will the ‘Pay by Weight’ legislation affect everyone?

This new legislation will affect every household in the country.

How is my waste weighed?

Each of our bins are fitted with RFID micro chips, which enables us to uniquely identify your bin and link it to your account. Our fleet of vehicles are fitted with specific technology which has the ability to identify and weigh your bin and assign a weight lift to your account. We have used this technology for many years and the system is approved by the NSAI.

Can I still use pre-paid bin bags or bin tags?

This will depend on the area you live in. Dublin City Council will be granting excemptions to this new legislation based on the location of your house. Some areas with narrow roads or no gardens may still use bags.

How do I know how much waste I am producing?

The average household produces around 500kg of Black bin waste each year. If you want to keep an eye on your bin usage you can log into your online account using your Greyhound account number & Pin.

How do I keep my waste collection bill as low as possible?

‘Pay by Weight’ gives every household the power to reduce their waste bills. Segregate waste, use all 3 bins and recycle as much as you can to keep your bill low.

What will happen to my current service charge after July 1st?

After the introduction of ‘Pay by Weight’ any balance left on your current service charge will be refunded on a pro rata basis as credit to your account and can be used against your new plan.

Will I have to pay the new weekly service charge when the bin is not put out?

After the introduction of ‘Pay by Weight’ you will have a weekly service charge. This charge will be automatically applied to your account every week, unless an alternative payment frequency and method has been arranged. You then pay for the lifts (which are calculated by weight) only when your bins are out for collection.

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