Subject: Legislation Update Oct 14</h2

To All Greyhound Household Customers,

As you will see from the below letter from The Department for Environment, Community and Local Government, we have been notified that in 2015, all producers of domestic waste will be moved to a “Pay-by-Weight” system that promotes responsible recycling and waste segregation. We anticipate that this legislation will come into force in July of 2015. As a result, when you renew your waste collection service with Greyhound over the coming months, we will be obliged to switch your service plan to a “Pay-by-Weight” pricing structure.

This government led change comes about after lengthy consultations with the waste industry during 2013 and 2014. All waste collection companies in Ireland will have to adhere to the new laws and introduce a “Pay-by-Weight” system. Fortunately, Greyhound is already in a position to manage this change effectively. This is due to considerable investment in the very latest waste measuring equipment for our vehicles.

The legislation should make no fundamental difference to the majority of Greyhound customers who already “Pay-by-Weight”. It does mean that any customers not on a “Pay-by-Weight service plan will have to switch before the legislation comes into place or when they renew their contract with Greyhound, whichever comes first.

In order to keep costs low, all householders will have to think about the waste they generate and ensure that everything goes into the appropriate waste receptacle. We welcome this new legislation and would hope that you will see this as a positive move which will increase general awareness of the individuals responsibility to the environment. We believe that the new legislation will ensure that domestic waste is collected and disposed of in a more efficient, sustainable and cost effective way.

You may also notice that this communication mentions an end to “below cost selling” by waste collection operators in Ireland. This will mean that a more sustainable and competitive marketplace will be created, to the benefit of the customer, the waste operators and the environment.

This move is a positive step in regulating the waste industry in Ireland and creating accountability and environmental sustainability for both householders and waste companies alike.

Legislation Update Oct 14

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