How to keep your Brown bin clean & fresh this summer

Summer is in full swing here in Ireland, one thing is for sure, brown bins and heat do not mix! Food waste breaks down quicker in heat which can lead to liquid (bin juice) forming in between bin collections. Do not worry, we have some top tips that can help you get the most of the brown bin this summer!

Keep the lid closed.

Ensuring that your waste is fully secured is the best way to keep pests (flies, creepy crawlies etc) out, and nasty smells in. Try not to overfill your bin as the lid may not close properly, we know this can be tricky with the extra gardening that happens in the summer but it is very important!

Keep the Brown bin in the shade.

As you might expect heat and Brown bins can cause a little smell! Keep your brown bins in a shaded area of your garden like under a tree or simply in an area that receives very little direct sunlight. Keeping your brown bin cool reduces the chance of them heating up and creating a stink so pungent that you will have to declare your yard a no-go-zone until winter arrives!

Use Brown bin liners.

Brown bin liners are a great way to keep the surface of your bin clean. Using a compostable brown bin liner will help to ensure that no solid waste will come into contact with your bin walls or floor. Just beware that if left too long the liners themselves can begin to breakdown. So be sure to put out your bin!

Cover food scraps.

Use either sheets of newspaper or bio bags. This will prevent any insects getting access and spreading through your bin. Another top tip is to layer the bin if possible. Cover the food waste with your garden waste to provide a natural barrier to block the insects.

Help! The flies are in the bin!

If your Brown bin is full of flies you can get control of the flies by scalding them. Boil water and take it outside to the bin. Pour it over the contents and shut the lid so the steam will continue to kill the flies. The hot water not only kills active flies, it will also kill fly eggs. Boil more water and pour it over the lid and sides of the bin to kill any eggs on the outside of the bin.

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