An official report has found that illegal dumping has contributed to a 60% increase in rat infestation in Dublin city.

The investigation follows complaints from a number of flat complexes in the south inner city, including Oliver Bond and Pearse Street.

The city council set up a Pest Control Task Group working with the HSE, which has overall responsibility for rodent control.

The HSE pest control unit reported 22,670 callouts in Dublin during the first five months of the year, which is 60% up on last year.

Increase in illegal dumping

The report from Dublin City Council said that a 15% increase in domestic waste during the lockdown and an increase in illegal dumping were contributory factors in the increase.

Other factors were a reduced footfall during the lockdown coupled with a lack of food waste available from pubs and restaurants along with a mild winter, according to the report.

It has made a number of recommendations, including an improved reporting system, the securing bin areas, repairs to pipes, sewers and buildings and a review of how green areas are maintained.

A south city Sinn Féin councillor said the report did not go far enough, as the problem is affecting private households as well as council tenants.

Daniel Céitinn said: “We are not just asking DCC to meet its obligations as a landlord. We are demanding that DCC meet its obligations to all of the residents of the city as the local government authority.”

He said there needs to be intensive action taken in public sewers and public spaces to tackle the problem.


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