How does your house compare to these facts & figures?

ALMOST 20{274956ee188766cffa9fd13544fc92af19ef135eba77b9fbaa514036943a2328} of households argue over who should put out the bins or who forgot to do so.

Arguing over the wheelie bin

Greyhound Household also revealed in 37{274956ee188766cffa9fd13544fc92af19ef135eba77b9fbaa514036943a2328} of homes it is men who carry out the task, with 33{274956ee188766cffa9fd13544fc92af19ef135eba77b9fbaa514036943a2328} of women doing so and kids accounting for the rest.

Who wheels out the bin, men wheeling the bin

A third of people put their bins out while wearing pyjamas or a dressing gown.


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