Greyhound Recycling welcomes the Circular Economy Act

In July the ‘Circular Economy’ ( act was signed into law. It outlines a set of rules to encourage reuse and a more circular economy for our waste.

These rules focus on encouraging businesses to think differently about their waste. Some of the law’s new powers will include:

  • A proposal to reduce single-use plastics including a levy for single-use coffee cups
  • New regulation on the reuse of construction materials
  • Mandatory splitting of waste for commercial customers
  • Places the Circular Economy Strategy and National Food Loss Prevention Roadmap on a statutory footing
  • Enables the use of CCTV by local authorities to capture illegal dumping
  • Reuse or repair targets are also proposed for agriculture, retail, textiles and electronics

Greyhound Recycling’s Chief Exec – Neill Ryan welcomes the new law:

“This is a positive step for our economy. By promoting better behaviours and new ways to manage waste, this act will play a significant role in reducing the amount of raw materials entering our waste management system’

This new law will incentivise companies to move away from single use items and hold onto raw materials within our economy for longer.

Ryan continues – “We will be glad to see better ways to manage our raw materials in the construction sector, as well as a reduction in the amount of textiles and single use plastics going to incineration.”

“Recycling in Ireland has been our business for over 40 years. The opportunities that this new law brings will mean we can begin to capture even more raw materials to encourage the circular economy for the good of our environment.”

“With our ongoing investments in technology and new processes, Greyhound Recycling is well placed to facilitate Ireland’s move towards a more circular economy.”

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