Be a Good Egg this Easter – Recycle your packaging from your Easter eggs.

Easter Recycling Hints and Tips

Cardboard – Compress/fold cardboard boxes flat and put into your Green bin.

Plastics – Most Easter egg molded plastic is PET – denoted by a triangle with the number 1. This can go in your Green bin too.

Foil – We recommend you scrunch/fold these up and pop the foil in the Green bin.

If you are planning a big Easter lunch, buy loose fruit and vegetables, rather than pre-packaged ones.

Don’t forget to compost/brown bin the fruit and vegetable peelings. If you’ve been gardening over the weekend, add your plant prunings and grass cuttings. The compost will improve the quality of the soil and help plants grow.

Contamination is a big problem in recycling bins so please ensure you are put the right items that are clean into the Green bin.

Put any glass bottles & jars in your local BringBank.

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