CCTV images of illegal dumpers posted on Dublin city wall.

In an attempt to combat the ever growing illegal dumping issues in Dublin City, DCC have introduced the use of CCTV at Frankfort Cottages. This area has become synonymous with illegal dumping and our own CLO has been very active in surrounding areas in combatting the illegal dumping problems.

CCTV images of illegal dumpers posted on Dublin city wall, Dublin City Bins, City Bin, Illegal Dumping

The Customer Liaison Officer for Greyhound Household has welcomed this new initiative.

“It is wonderful to see DCC taking this initiative, in the time I have been surveying the inner city areas I have photographed, labelled  and forwarded multiple examples of illegally dumped bags to DCC.

I am sure the local community will be fully behind this project, as the feedback I receive is that people take pride in their community which involves keeping it litter free. Communities are fed up with the irresponsible behaviour of a minority that unfairly reflects badly on all in the neighbourhood.”

Greyhound Household will continue to work with the council to combat problem areas through communication and collaboration. If you wish to report illegal dumping in your area please feel free to contact Dublin City Council Litter Division on 1800 251 500 or South Dublin Litter Management on 1850 365 121.

To read the full article on Dublin City Council’s new initiative please see today’s Irish Times