Dublin’s Bin Schedule

South Dublin, Fingal, Dún Laoghaire–Rathdown & Dublin City Bin Schedule

In Dublin, bin collection is a very important aspect of daily life that needs to be managed in order to maintain hygiene and sanitation.

Bin collection often takes place on a weekly basis, however, this can vary depending on where you live and the size of your household bins. Generally speaking, larger households require more frequent collections due to larger waste loads.

The standard frequency of bin collection in Dublin is once per week. This means that most residents in the city will need to put out their bins for collection every seven days unless otherwise advised by their local bin provider.

This applies to all types of household waste including general rubbish (Black Bin), recyclables (Green Bin) and organic waste (Brown Bin) such as food waste, leaves or grass clippings. The bin collection schedule in Dublin alternates so for one week for example it could be Black and Brown bins, the following week it could be Green bins and this cycle continues. We have developed a convenient calendar search for customers to stay on top of their bin schedule. Your collection calendar can also be found on your online account/Greyhound app or by asking our chatbot for your collection days.

Snip from chatbot showing the bin collection schedule for a specific customer.

The standard frequency becomes every two weeks on alternating weeks depending on bin colour.

This means that one week residents will need to put out their green bins and the following week they will need to put out their black or brown bins.

For larger households in Dublin, it is important to note that any extra waste needs to be taken to a local recycling centre or to hire a skip.

This includes items such as furniture, electrical appliances or garden waste which cannot be collected via regular household bin collections. Should you have extra waste for your bins reach out to our team and we can provide additional bins to help.

It is also important for residents of Dublin to remember that there are certain items which must not be placed in any of their bins due to environmental and safety reasons such as hazardous materials, batteries or chemicals.

These items should be disposed of correctly via recycling centres or other approved methods.

Overall, it is important for residents of Dublin to be aware of the regular bin collection schedule and remember to put out their bins accordingly.

This will help to maintain a clean and safe environment in the city and avoid any unnecessary delays in waste disposal services.

Ultimately, by following this advice, everyone can help keep their neighbourhood looking great!

Top Tip

As a top tip, we recommend that customers leave their bins out before 6 am on the day of collection to ensure they are collected.

This will help avoid any delays in the waste disposal service and help maintain a clean and safe environment in the city. Thank you for being an active member in keeping your neighbourhood looking great!

South Dublin & Dublin City Bin Schedule History

In 2012, Greyhound Recycling introduced the three-bin system and fortnightly collection cycle in Dublin to help manage the waste more effectively. This new system aimed to reduce the amount of rubbish sent to landfill and increase recycling rates. It is now a regular part of household life in Dublin, with households putting out their green bins for recycling waste, black or brown bins for general waste and organic/compost bins every two weeks on alternate weeks depending on bin colour. This system has had a significant impact on improving waste management in Dublin and reducing environmental pollution from overflowing landfill sites. By following this advice, everyone can help keep their neighbourhood looking great!

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