We’re turning your brown bin contents into compost.

And giving it back to you.

Garden waste into garden food.

At Greyhound we like to make waste less wasteful. Like turning the
garden waste you give us in your brown bin into the finest peat free
organic compost. This compost can be used to grow plants, flowers and
vegetables all over again. Genius.

Complimentary compost.

You may have seen us out and about lately leaving bags of this compost
on top of brown bins. The reaction has been amazing, it seems people
love the story, and the compost. We’re doing it area by area and week by
week. If we haven’t hit your area yet, we hope to soon.

More to come.

The compost is just one of the ways we recycle. We’ve a few more
surprises up our sleeve, that we’ll be bringing to you in the next while.

Are you with us?

To find out what goes into what bin click here.