If you can scrunch it.
We can now recycle it.

Soft plastics can now go in your green recycling bin.

What are soft plastics?

Anything that is plastic and you can scrunch or crumple in your hand.
Crisp packets, plastic wrapping, bubble wrap and bread wrappers.
Scrunchable things.

Why is it happening?

We’re on a constant journey to make waste less wasteful. Currently, we only recycle about one-third of plastics because up until now we could only handle hard plastics. This change means we can start to recycle over half of all plastics and over time increase that amount. It also means you get to put more into your green bin, and as a Greyhound customer, the green bin is always free.

When does it start?

Right now. You can start putting soft plastics into your green bin from today and we’ll take it away with your next green bin collection.

Are you with us?

For a list of what can go into the bin click here.