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5 tips to save cash and help the environment

For the eco-conscious or cash strapped families wanting to extend their sustainability beyond the home, it’s time to revolutionize the way you approach a day trip. Here’s 5 tips to save cash and help the environment. But why are we doing this?

Having a waste plan for your family trips might sound like a laborious added task, but you’ll probably save money and help the environment. Got your attention yet? Here’s 5 reasons why it’s a switch you’ll sustain.

1. Pocket and Planet-Friendly – Conserve More Than Nature

Cutting costs on single-use items during your trip might look like just a benefit to your bank account at first, but it’s so much more.

Bring your own cups. Most coffee shops will give you a discount for this. Here’s a list of the ones in Dublin. 

If you make your own lunch (2 x €6), make the kids juice (2 x €2) , make yourself coffees to take (2 x €3) – there’s €22 euro you didn’t know you had! Winner

By swapping takeaway cups for reusable ones, the more you use them the better it is for the environment. You’re effectively reducing waste and contributing to a greener planet every use. The upfront investments pay off in the long run, repeatedly.

2. For your waste it’s home sweet home

A recent article by Niamh O’Reilly in The demonstrates the environmental damage done by filling up street litter bins on busy days.  By bringing your waste home, you’re ensuring that it goes through a proper segregated recycling system. Catch-all street-litter bins are incinerating all the waste within it. By using your wheelie bin at home you are ensuring your waste is recycled or composted which is much better for the environment.

Be aware of the shadow you cast

You’re also influencing your family’s behavior towards waste. They witness the entire cycle, from consuming to disposal, instilling values that have a ripple effect, especially if you have kids.

3. Education is a Family Affair

By considering waste as a part of the trip, you’re effectively weaving a hidden lesson. Your children will not just read about ecological footprints in textbooks but experience it first-hand. This kind of practical knowledge is more compelling, leading to informed decisions that make a difference.

After a short while you’ll be going Zero-waste and really saving the cash.

4. Reusable Cups—More Than Just an Eco-Trend

A Step Toward Sustainability

Mini life hacks, such as carrying your own reusable cups, can become pivotal in reducing waste. Estimate the number of drinks your family would consume and multiply it by the days of your trip—you’re looking at the staggering number of plastic cups you just prevented from being used. Most coffee shops will give you a discount for this. Here’s a list of the ones in Dublin. 

5. Make Your Own Juice and Coffee at Home

Control the Consumption

When you make your own juice for the kids and coffee, you’ll be saving money immediately. Check out our example below:

Make the kids juice (2 x €2),  make yourself coffees to take (2 x €3) = straight away there’s €10. And you’ve gone zero waste and helped the environment.

The Sustainable Journey Begins with the First Step

A conscious decision to manage waste effectively during family travels speaks volumes about your commitment to sustainability. Think of it as trailblazing a path your family and others can follow, ensuring that you not only collect memories during your trips but also leave behind a positive environmental legacy. The Earth, and your wallet, will thank you.