National Compost Week

This National Compost WeekCompost in a person's hands with a small seedling growing up through the middle of the compost. , we’re inviting you to join us in making a positive impact on the environment. Did you know that by composting your food waste with Greyhound Recycling, you’re not only reducing waste but also contributing to a thriving circular economy?

It’s simple: instead of tossing your food scraps into the household waste bin, let us give them a new purpose. Our expert team will transform your food waste into nutrient-rich compost, perfect for nourishing farms and gardens across the country.

As a valued customer, your participation is crucial. By choosing to compost with us, you’re taking an active role in reducing waste and supporting sustainable practices. We’re proud to partner with conscientious customers who are committed to making a difference.

Together, we can close the loop and create a greener future. Join the composting movement this National Compost Week and experience the satisfaction of knowing your food waste is being put to good use.

Ready to get started? Visit our website or contact our friendly customer support team to learn more about our convenient composting services.

Let’s turn waste into wonder, one compost bin at a time.