Bins and Baubles: Keeping Your Community Clean During the Festive Season

Litter picking at christmas It’s the festive season again, and with it comes the inevitable increase in waste. The holiday season is notorious for generating tons of garbage, with packaging, wrapping paper, and food waste contributing significantly to this increase. While it can be a time of joy and celebration, it’s also essential to take care of our environment by properly disposing of trash. This blog post will outline some tips on how to keep your community clean during the festive season.

1. Take advantage of recycling programs

Most councils offer recycling programs, and for larger items it’s important to take advantage of them. Make sure you know what items are recyclable and dispose of them in the correct bins. For instance, paper, cardboard and plastic are often recyclable and can be sorted and placed in recycle bins. Taking this approach will keep items out of landfills and reduce the amount of waste generated.

2. Use compost bins

Food waste is a significant contributor to the garbage generated during the festive season. However, instead of dumping leftovers directly into the bin, consider using a compost bin. Composting turns food waste into nutrient-rich soil that can be used in gardens. It’s an excellent way to reduce the amount of waste generated during the festive season and contribute positively to the environment.

3. Minimise packaging waste

Christmas sees an increase in the amount of packaging, such as wrapping and packaging materials. Consider using recycled wrapping paper or alternative wrappings such as reusable bags. Reducing the amount of packaging waste generated during the festive season can go a long way in preserving the environment.

4. Host Parties

Hosting a party is a great way to keep your community clean during the festive season. Advise your guests of the recycling programs, compost bins, and ensure that there are designated areas for trash disposal. With proper planning, parties can be fun and eco-friendly.

5. Donate gently used items

The festive season is often a time for giving and receiving gifts. Consider donating gently used items to charity, rather than throwing them away. This approach will reduce the amount of waste generated and give back to the community.


The festive season is a wonderful time of the year, but it’s essential to take care of our environment by practicing sound waste management habits. By taking advantage of recycling programs, composting, minimizing packaging waste, hosting green parties, and donating gently, used items, we can keep our community clean during the festive season while preserving the environment. Let’s make this festive season enjoyable while remembering to reduce, reuse and recycle.