Why Brown Compost Bins are Good for Your Environment and Garden

Black and Brown bins on a Dublin street following a collection

Black and Brown bins on a Dublin street following a collection

Composting is an excellent way to recycle organic material and convert it into nutrient-rich soil, reducing the waste we send to landfills. From January 2024 every home in the country will now have access to a brown bin. This is a great win for the environment as it will reduce waste being sent for incineration and increase ‘food recycling’ otherwise known as composting.

In this blog post, we will discuss why brown compost bins are good for your environment and garden.

Garden compost bins are convenient.

A brown compost bin is quite user-friendly, as it requires little maintenance and monitoring. Simply put your organic waste in the bin, add some woodchip or cardboard, mix it every few weeks and leave it alone. When it’s full, you can remove a natural nutritious compost from the bottom.

If you are stuck for time though, our brown bins are the perfect choice for busy families. You will save money on your black bin waste and help the environment by separating food waste and general waste.

Garden compost bins save you money and improve your soil.

Brown compost bins help improve the quality of soil in your garden and save money. The resulting compost is a rich, dark soil that is packed with nutrients, perfect for encouraging healthy plant growth. Not only that, but the compost made from brown compost bins helps to retain moisture in the soil, reducing water usage and saving you money on water and shop bought feeds and compost in the long run.

Composting is a great way to minimize waste

A garden compost bin will reduce greenhouse gases, save money, and be hassle free. So, if you want to start composting or upgrade your compost bin, consider a brown compost bin for its convenience and ability to make nutrient-rich soil for your garden.

What waste can a brown bin collection service take?

A brown bin collection service from Greyhound Recycling can take more types of organic waste than your brown garden bin.

All types of food and organic waste are accepted in a brown bin collection service. This includes raw and cooked meat and fish, plate scrapings, along with fruit and vegetable peelings, food-soiled paper napkins, paper towels, pizza boxes as well as grass clippings and light garden waste.

By investing in a brown compost bin you will be making a big difference to our planet and your garden.