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14th October 2020

IKEA to buy back customers’ unwanted furniture

The Irish and British arms of IKEA are offering to buy back unwanted IKEA furniture from customers, which it will then resell in stores as second hand, it said today. 
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7th October 2020

Walmart To Trial Plastic-Free Cucumbers With Edible Apeel Technology Made From Waste

Walk down your usual supermarket aisle, and bets are on that you’ll come across produce wrapped in a layer of non-recyclable plastic.
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7th October 2020

You eat thousands of bits of plastic every year

Though abundant in water, air, and common foods, it’s unclear how it might affect our health. THE TINY PIECES of plastic scientists call microplastics are everywhere. They sit at the bottom…
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14th September 2020

Frank and Honest just launched new aluminium capsules

Coffee lovers, we've got some good news for you! Frank and Honest are delighted to announce the launch of its new aluminium capsules marking the next step in its sustainable…